Boobs at LSU

School is about to start so spread the word!

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Welcome to Boobs of Louisiana!

This is a place for the beautiful women of Louisiana to share their beautiful boobs. Boobs of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Feel free to stop by and take admire some girls of Louisiana’s boobs OR submit a shot of your boobs.

Creativity is appreciated for your posts - but all are welcomed. If you want to represent a college, a city, or one of the many cultures in Louisiana, be sure to tell us!

Your submissions can be sent to us at:

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Figuring it out

Still trying to figure out how to make this blog blow up, no submissions yet.

Spread the word!

Still moving

Still moving, plus things will be slow until school is back in session.

I’m thinking it’s best to include all Baton Rouge colleges, how do y’all feel about that?

Also shout us out on your tumblr, encourage posting.

Lack of activity

Sorry y’all, haven’t been active cause I’ve been moving. Spread the word please.

Boobs at LSU

Because we think all boobs are beautiful, we want to give you a chance to show yours, LSU. With the success of titties at Tulane, it gives us hope that there enough people out there comfortable with their boobs to make LSU a success as well. So submit and we’ll make this happen as soon as possible.